Accelerating your Business Growth with our Industry Centric Approach

Every industry has different requirements especially when it comes to Market Challenges and Business Impacts. Ateca Consulting is designed to understand, analyze and provide solutions that help you overcome your unique industry challenges. We have developed a comprehensive potfolio linked to the industries unique value-chain that will streamline processes, accelerate growth, control costs and maximize profits. Whether you’re a start-up or an established enterprise, Ateca Consulting can help you transform your technology and drive innovation.


Helping transform through innovative business and operating models for customer retention, growth and profit


Helping Electricity, Gas, and water companies transform their business


Creating a more personalized experience across all channels that will engage the customers


Drive cost savings, process improvement & faster service by connecting customers, employees and operations.


Digital Health, Operational Transformation, Health Consumerism

Public Sector

Delivering through end-to-end, cross-industry capabilities


Reinvent the product, Reshaping business models & redefining the customer experience


Help transform high tech industries through digital innovation.